Establishing a newsletter - everything in one system

Increase your GigCloud. As an overaching solution for DJs, Gigcloud can be extended for sending your newsletter directely out of your system. As a matter of course, you can deposit your own templates and evaluate the success rate of your Newsletter. If you want to enlarge your GigCloud with the newsletter-funktion now, just contact us.


Using an online shop in conjunction with GigCloud

You are also able to develop your GigCloud to an online shop. With that possibility, you can realize a fanshop but also a download shop. Sure every big payment provider can be bounded to your store. Contact us for your individual offer.

Combine your website with GigCloud

It is also possible to administer your very own website via GigCloud. Here are all features you expect from a modern CMS system available for you. If you want to manage your website through GigCloud, just contact us for your individual offer.