Sending free dates with E-Mail and SMS

In GigCloud, you are just two clicks from sending your free dates with E-Mail or SMS to the deposited Clubs. Of course, the E-Mails do not cost anything and you get an available balance as soon as you signed up in GigCloud, for being able to use the SMS function. If your credit is exhausted, you can fast and easily refill it in your GigCloud. Sure, the forwarder is your phone number - simply brilliant and brilliantly simple.

Innovative and unique - the SMS emergency call

GigCloud is designed for the practical use in your everyday life as DJ, so we reinvented a lot of the functions to simplify your daily routine. One of them is the DJ SMS emergency call. May there be the case that you, as a consequence of e.g. a breakdown of your car, can not reach an appointment, you can send an emergency SMS to deposited colleagues.