Billing - simple and productive

Generating a bill for a performance had never been so easy. You can create the calculation from an appointment, getting your bills of the week fully automatic on order or making a payment manual. The invoice number will be generated automatically. By manual creation, just choose the club and all the deposited information will be entered immediately.

Filling the gaps so easy

Your time is too precious to waste it with writing bills. For that reason, GigCloud offers you to fill in several gaps with only a few clicks. With one more, you define the inscribed sum is pre-tax or after tax and GigCloud finishes the bill with the calculation of the value-added tax.

Import incoming invoices

GigCloud is able to save purchase invoices, so you have all your incoming payments in one place. You can easily deposit PDF documents, that can e.g. get integrated in an All-In-One PDF on the end of a month. To keep it so simple as possible, you can even connect with your Dropbox and import the PDF paper from your Dropbox folder to your GigCloud with one click.