Administer your dates - as easy as never before

GigCloud carries your whole calendar management. Just insert the date and pick the club - that's it. GigCloud adds the deposited standard-salary for this club. Of course you can overwrite the template. If you do not want to show in your official calendar where you will be working, just put a tickmark and your appointment will be removed from the public diary.

Plan your routes is now so easy

GigCloud not only calculates the distance to the club but also tells you when you have to leave home. To avoid delays, a warning message will pop up if you would be too late for driving. In a description field you can add important information relating to your appointment - so you have everything in place and even years later you are still able to insight the data.

Elaborate even in the finest detail

GigCloud backs up every modification of an appointment for 30 days. So if you once updated some information in an event, you can always have a look at when you changed the content and, if it is required, restore the elder version of the appointment. We think you should concentrate on other things in life than scheduling, because if a mistake was made, just undo it - with GigCloud you can turn back time.