GigCloud is your complete DJ business and much more

We have developed GigCloud to simplify your daily DJ business, because you don't want to focus on your accounting and your upcoming dates. GigCloud has been developed for you and your ability to focus completly on your music.

Ingenious simple, simply ingenious!

GigCloud will sweat up your day by its super easy usability. Do even complex tasks in seconds and enjoy your new freetime. Start in your professionell dj future with GigCloud.

GigCloud - as mobile as you are

As a professionell DJ mobility is very important. Your are using trolleys and bagpacks to travel fast and comfortable from one gig to another. Why should it be diferent with your DJ software? We think DJ software shoudl always be there, where it belongs - on your side.

Developed by DJs for DJs

Whoever wants to develop software for DJs has to think and feel as a DJ, and that's exactly what we did. With a big development team we continue to develop GigCloud further, to enhance your GigCloud experience with every new week.