Are you a professional DJ? Then this is exactly what you need

GigCloud is the worlds first and uniquie DJ Tool, that was in particular designed for the needs and requirements of a DJ. GigCloud is a system, with that you can manage all your dates, invoices, contracts, travel expenses und much more save, simple and intuitive, worldwide and with any Computer. GigCloud will inspire you and will enrich your daily business in any aspect.

  • Gigs und Kalender
  • Rechnungen und Verträge
  • Eingangsrechnungen und Fahrtkosten
  • BackUps


Manage your dates as simple as never before:

  • Managa your dates
  • Calendaroverview
  • Import your Google Calendar
  • External calendar for your clubs
  • Plan your routes
  • Send your free dates (E-Mail and SMS)
  • Special Opening days


Chaos on your desk was yesterday:

  • Invoices can be created automatically
  • Use your stationary
  • Automatic contract generator
  • Uncomplicated hand-over to your tax consultant
  • Travelexpensesoverview
  • Simple invoice generator


Manage and export your incoming invoices was never so easy

  • Import your invoices from your dropbox
  • Combine all your invoming invoices
  • Simple hand-over to your tax-consultant
  • Administer your invoices at one place


Export and Backups - not only easy but save as well

  • Daily Backups from all your data
  • Exportfunction
  • Export all data in one PDF
  • Import from Dropbox
  • Sends and stores all your bookingmails.

Ingenious simple, simply ingenious


Watch our video and have a great first look at GigCloud.

Start now with GigCloud and take off!

GigCloud is not only shinig through its fantastical functions, but also through its clear strucutres, a great design and an intuitive handling - made in Germany. Our biggest aim was to create a system, that is so easy, but also pretty in its appearance and that is so inspirational for its user directly from the first click . Learn more about the system and experience how it will simplify your life as well.